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The team is about to find out that you everybody.

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"In the NFL Stephen Denmark Chicago Bears Jerseys , you’re either lucky enough to be overpaying a quarterback or you’re hoping to be. For the Falcons, they are in the former camp and no matter what your opinion of Matt Ryan is, there’s little doubt he’s a franchise QB and one who will help you win games. However, finding that QB — whether it’s Ryan or Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees — also means dedicating a significant portion of your salary cap to that player. That also means that teams have to make hard decisions at other positions, and the Falcons may now be in that position as they look at 2019 and beyond. Don’t let the internet experts fool you: This team has some tough choices to make over the next 12 to 15 months. Those choices could dramatically alter the composition of the franchise for the next six to 10 years.Good draft classesThe Falcons are in this situation primarily because they’ve had some great success in recent draft classes and at positions that typically are paid well. For instance, left tackle Jake Matthews has grown into a steady and reliable presence on the blindside and deserved every penny of his $75 million dollar deal last year. While the 2015 draft class hasn’t turned out like we hoped it would (we’re looking at you Vic Beasley), Grady Jarrett has proven he’s a steal and is set to get paid big time this year. The 2016 draft class is also looking like another home run, with thre Pro Bowlers coming out of that class alone in Keanu Neal, Deion Jones and Austin Hooper. The Falcons already let Tevin Coleman walk away from that class.In the past, the Falcons have been able to manage the cap pretty well, but mostly because they whiffed on far more players in the draft. Now that they’re hitting on more and more players, it’s looking increasingly likely they won’t be able to keep everyone. Outside factorsIn the NFL, you’re only the highest-paid player for so long. Agents piggy back off previous deals to get their guys the biggest compensation package they can. For Grady Jarrett, his agent is likely looking to beat the Fletcher Cox deal of last year (six years, $102.6 million) and maybe even approach Aaron Donald numbers. For Deion Jones, his agent will undoubtedly look at the recent C.J. Mosley deal as the starting point for negotiations (five years Chicago Bears Jerseys Stitched , $85 million with $51 million guaranteed). Keanu Neal is likely going to want the Landon Collins contract (six years, $84 million with $44.5 million guaranteed). The numbers for tight ends also appear to be escalating, which will only drive the price tag for Austin Hooper up. On top of all that, both Hooper and Jones are playing in the last year of their rookie deals. The Falcons probably don’t want to go into the 2020 offseason having to negotiate with two players at once. I’d expect Deion to get a contract sometime during the 2019 season.Options in 2020 and beyondRight now, the Falcons have about $13 million in cap space (come June 1) and will need about $8 million to sign their draft class. Getting Grady signed to a long-term deal could free up some space this year, but the reality is 2020 is going to be challenging. Using Overthecap.com, the projected salary cap in 2020 will be $200 million. Right now, the Falcons only have 33 players under contract. To get to the 53, that means getting 20 more guys signed. As it stands today, they will have just under $42 million for 2020. Assuming an average of just $1 million per player, that wipes out $20 million from the 2020 cap, and that’s without Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones and Austin Hooper on the list. If the Jarrett deal is anything like the Fletcher Cox deal, his 2020 cap hit could be $20 million by itself. That said, there are some options - but they’re painful ones. Guys like Alex Mack ($8 million cap savings), Mohamed Sanu ($6.5 million cap savings) and Desmond Trufant ($4.95 million cap savings) are all very possible options to be cut to make room for the forthcoming big contracts. The team could also look to convert Matt Ryan’s salary to a bonus again to free up space ( up to $15 million in 2020) and could do the same with Jake Matthews (up to $7 million in 2020). However Stephen Denmark Jersey 2019 , those conversions also push significantly higher cap hits into 2021 and beyond and could just be delaying some painful decisions. RealityIt’s not all doom and gloom. The team has a lot of options they can pursue to keep some of their star players here for years to come. Yet, with new mega-deals being announced almost daily, the team may be forced into watching some of their homegrown talent walk out the door. The situation isn’t dire, but it is definitely challenging. The success of recent draft classes has put the team in a position where keeping everyone just isn’t possible. The decision now, then, is who to keep. 1) The New Orleans Saints were screwed by the no-call on that blatant pass interference in the fourth quarter of their NFC Championship game against the Los Angeles Rams. There’s no denying that. But that’s not the only reason they lost the game. There were other missed calls, plus there’s no way to know what would have happened after the play had a flag been thrown. For all we know, Drew Brees could have thrown an interception, just like he did on the first possession of overtime. Saints’ fans were pissed, and rightfully so, but some are going overboard. There are billboards being put up to cry about the no-call and there’s a lawsuit pending against the NFL.According to Darren Rovell these are a few of the damages being filed in the lawsuit against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell. Mental anguish and emotional traumaLoss of faith in the NFLLoss of enjoyment of lifeLoss of entertainmentDistrust of the gameGoodell has the power to make the teams replay the end of the game, but that’s not going to happen. Some people are too emotionally fragile to watch sports. If a game that you aren’t even participating in leads you to mental anguish, emotional trauma, or loss of enjoyment of life, then you might have some others issues going on in your head. 2) Kansas City Chiefs’ fans are upset that their offense didn’t get a shot with the ball in overtime. The New England Patriots won the coin toss and then went 13 plays for 75 yards and a touchdown. The big argument making the rounds is that the NFL overtime rules are dumb because the team winning the coin toss has the advantage. Many fans want the NFL to adopt the college overtime rules, but did you realize that the percentage of teams that win the game after winning the coin toss is actually a little higher with the college rules?3) Speaking of rules Cheap Stephen Denmark Jersey , make more plays reviewable!4) I’m just as sick of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl as anyone, but can I share a dirty little secret?I actually like watching them play football. The Patriots aren’t like some teams where they have a specific identity, because the Patriots are able to morph into when ever they need to in order to win.


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