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Beginners Level up Guide!!

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People are always asking how players level up so quick or more how to level up so quickly. if you spend money in the game or not I will show you my thoughts on this as I think a lot of people would like to know new and existing players. Now keep in mind when you first start some things my not be available to you as it will require you to be a certain level before you can play such as "Ladder" but non the less what I'm about to show you will help you get there quickly.


Quest are to me the quickest and most easiest way to level your guy, Especially when you first start you will find you will level up quite fast doing quests alone. I suggest playing 5 matches right away then stop come back collect all quest you have done. To give you an idea you can gain around 1,200 Exp. just from quests once you are able to do the ladder quest even without the ladder quest you are able to get 1,020 Exp. so basically you are missing out on 1 quest is all. As you complete the quest you will also be able to open gifts along the way and you can see that in the pic below. The gifts are as follows

Gift 1: >100
Gift 2:> 300
Gift 3:> 500
Gift 4:> 750
Gift 5: >1000

You should be able to get all 5 with no problem otherwise most can get 4 easy. So with that said I would strongly advise doing quest to level up your player. At the beginning you will be able jump quite a few levels in just a few min which is great and makes you that much closer to opening up other things such as "ladder"


Once you do complete all tasks for quests career mode to me is where you want to go next if you want to gain even more Exp. (Experience) needed to level up your player. You can gain valuable items just by completing the career mode as much as you can.You will find that if you do career you can go until you reach a level where you need to be a certain level to be to do that league. I would go play more ladder, PVP matches, and do your quests you will be back dominating career in no time. Its a grind but its worth it as you can gain many items needed to train your player as well has get those valuable gems if you play free even if you pay they are still important to have as there are many uses for gems. The good part is Career mode is pretty simple to read and easy to complete the task usually you will find that you might mess up and only get 2 stars but you can always go back later and do it again right away. Hopefully this helps!

There are 3 Icons you can click on to gain Items, Exp, Gems, Etc.... Career, Ladder, PVP. We talked about Career but if you click the ladder tab you will notice a leader board as well as ranking system. In here you will team up or play solo to fight for the top. Be ready to encountered some tough competition as you move from Bronze to silver all the way up to Platinum and Diamond. Ladder is a great way to see how you match up against the world and is one of my favorite to play on Dunknation.  If you get tired of doing ladders PvP is the way to go as it is not as stressful as ladder matches where you want to try and do your best every game. In PvP you will see there are 3 different modes you can play: 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 against others users even BOTS if no users are found. I find that these are fun if you want to get away from the normal ladder matches as you can still gain the Exp and complete the quest needed as well as earn milestones to get gems and coins. In the future more game modes should be available! Stay tuned

Here you can see the reward you will get if you earn a victory in the Career mode match you are playing. Note: the rewards are different in a sense they are not all the same amount of exp, gems, team exp. This is a good way to get quite a few coins as well as a good gem pile for yourself team exp, and player exp to help you level up along the way. You do not need to get 3 stars to get reward but getting 3 stars will help you get the grand prize so to speak on the side bar where you see a meter setup. once you fill that meter up you will be able to open that gift up where it rewards you even better and this changes as well so don't be surprised.

I hope this helps as you progress through the game and if I need to add anything to this I will. It is always good to set a routine to ensure you do not miss anything before reset everyday. Do your Quest as these help a ton. Do Career Mode as this is a great way to add items you need as well as get a lot of exp needed to level up. Make sure to always check out the Events tab to collect sign in rewards, level up rewards as well as limited time only task.

If you made it this far thank you for taking the time to read and I really do hope this helps you in game and hopefully you can take this information and use it to help you level up quick and easy.

Any questions please leave a reply.

Note: This is only a guide and things are subject to change but as of now this will level you up everyday til about level 25 then you will need to play more ladder matches and or PVP matches.

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